Shivan Remembrance Events 2016

Shivan Velautham: One Year Remembrance Events


During the night of the 6th July 2015, Soma Shivan Velautham – the heart and soul behind the Shivan Foundation – passed away at his home. He may no longer be with us, but he has left an everlasting inspiration that continues to help those affected by disabilities in Sri Lanka and beyond.

To celebrate his legacy one year on, the Shivan Foundation is organising a series of remembrance events in his memory for the benefit of former and current beneficiaries of the Foundation.

On the 6th (evening) and 7th of July, representatives from all religions will join the Puja ceremonies held at the Foundation’s main centre in Kandy-Teldeniya. Over 200 children formerly or currently in care at the Foundation’s branches in Matale, Kegalle and Panwila will be joining the festivities and attending a special lunch event. They will be joined by their parents, carers as well as local supporters of the Foundation.

At 3 p.m. on the 7th of July, the founder of the Shivan Foundation, Ganesh Velautham, will introduce a special scholarship programme funded by the Shivan Foundation at the nearby University of Peradeniya. The program will provide 37 special needs students with financial assistance for their studies and admission.

In Thunnalai, Karaveddy (near Jaffna), a special free lunch event will be held on the 8th July for over 1000 people from poorer backgrounds. In the nearby Kottavatha school, Ganesh will be setting out plans to provide fresh milk and protein powder to over 500 schoolchildren, many of which go through almost the entire school day without eating due to financial hardship.

Photographs will be added daily to our Flickr page.


More events will be announced on the website throughout the week.

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