The Shivan Foundation’s core operations – supporting and caring for disabled children – are funded and self-sustained entirely by the Foundation’s founder, Ganesh Velautham, through his business ventures. However, as the Shivan Foundation’s reach grows, it may become necessary to explore additional funding recourses, such as public donations, fundraising events and localised commercial activities that reinvest all profits back into the Foundation.The use of a comprehensive online donation system is currently being studied to support the expansion of the Shivan Foundation’s principal activities. Please follow us on Facebook to be notified when the system is ready and learn about other ways to help.

Besides championing the Shivan Foundation, Ganesh is leading the way in improving the prospects and quality of life of all young people in Sri Lanka, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Under the umbrella of the Shivan Foundation and through the themes of sport and education, Ganesh is changing the lives of hundreds – and many of their success stories are chronicled on the Shivan Foundation’s Facebook page.

With your help, Ganesh can have an even greater impact on the livelihood of disadvantaged young people. Through our interim fundraising system, Ganesh is accepting online donations from which all proceeds will go towards improving the lives of disadvantaged young people in Sri Lanka through sport and education.

In one example, Ganesh has recently funded evening classes for around 120 pupils – many from poor backgrounds – who have failed or are likely to fail their GCSEs. For most of them, passing their GCSEs is a prerequisite for later success in life. In the field of sport, Ganesh is currently liaising to raise sufficient support and capital to allow Anitha Jagatheshwaran, a teenager from Mahajana College in Tellippalai, to represent Sri Lanka in the upcoming Olympics after she broke the Sri Lankan pole vaulting record in September 2016. Like many, she lacks the funds to pursue her ambitions and provide an inspiration for others.

Supporters of the Shivan Foundation may now donate online via debit card, credit card or Paypal to support Ganesh’s social causes and help improve the livelihood of hundreds of disadvantaged young people through the means of sport and education. By donating your money today, you will help ensure that Ganesh can continue to self-sustain the funding of the Foundation’s core mission – supporting and caring for disabled children – whilst providing additional funds to help as many other young people as possible.

Henceforward, this page will be updated to report on funding milestones and how your money has been spent. Additionally, please visit our Facebook page to read more about the people we help as well as various success stories.

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