2015 International Day of Persons with Disabilities

2015 United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities


To mark the 2015 United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Shivan Foundation has organized a music and dance event at the Foundation’s Centre for Disabled Children in Kandy-Teldeniya. Over 1oo disabled children from across the region attended the event together with their families and carers. Food and money was provided to each child so that they can enjoy the day and to support their families.

According to the UN, “The International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) has been commemorated since 1992 to promote awareness and mobilize support for critical issues relating to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society and development. The estimated one billion people living with disabilities worldwide face many barriers to inclusion in many key aspects of society. As a result, people with disabilities do not enjoy access to society on an equal basis with others, which includes areas of transportation, employment, and education as well as social and political participation. The right to participate in public life is essential to create stable democracies, active citizenship and reduce inequalities in society.”

The event coincided with the birthday of Shivan Velautham, the inspiration behind the Shivan Foundation who sadly passed away this year.

Further events were held at other Shivan Foundation venues across the country, including those in Jaffna and Nelliady. An event featuring 3-wheel cycle racing for disabled adults was held in the Vanni District. The aim was not only to provide an enjoyable day out for the participants, but also to focus public attention on supporting those living with disabilities.

Several Sri Lankan newspapers have covered the events. For more information, please visit our ‘In the Press’ section.

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